Kwanza Collection

True Tanzanian Handcraft

We are excited to share our passion with you. The passion of finding and appreciating pieces of Tanzanian craftsmanship. The designs fulfilled with the vision, the commitment, and the skill of the Artist and Producer. Each product telling its own unique story, about its origin, the hands of the Artist who created it, the long journey which follows, before it reaches its final place in your hands, to get a new purpose.

Therefore, we collect items from all across the country. From textiles to basketware, wood carvings to traditional music instruments. We have a rich collection and we are sure you will find something special that suits your taste.   




We are proud that all our products are fair trade and purely handmade. Our Artists use no auxiliary machines or higher technological equipment for their specific product. The high quality is based on the profound knowledge of a certain handcraft, their long experience of artisanship, a specifically learned skill and their inherent talent. In the past years, our team travelled the country to source unique and authentic items made by true artisans. Whether you’re searching for a rare gift, something to add character to your home or specific products for your own business, we will assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.